Adriana Salvatore presents to the IMD’s MBA class of 2018

Blue Brain’s Director of Operations, Adriana Salvatore presented the Blue Brain Project to a group of 100 MBA students from the IMD Business School with a specific focus on the operational side of the project.

After her degree in pharmaceutical chemistry, Adriana began her career in the pharmaceutical industry, before switching focus to the managerial side and graduating from Henley Management College in the UK with a MBA. Therefore, she was ideally placed to talk about her experience to date and to give a managerial perspective of how she oversees the operational side of the Blue Brain Project.

Beginning with an overview of the Blue Brain Project and Simulation Science, Adriana continued with an explanation of Blue Brain’s organizational set-up, and then described how the operations function has changed in line with the growth of the Project. This has included the introduction of Project Management and she detailed how Project Management has been applied within scientific and computing disciplines.

Referring to Blue Brain’s multi-stakeholder audience, she explained Blue Brain’s open science approach (referencing the announcement of the open sourcing of Blue Brain Nexus, two days before) and how Blue Brain engages in education and outreach programs.

A lively Q&A concluded the presentation with Adriana returning during the coffee break to answer further questions.

Blue Brain look forward to welcoming IMD’s MBA class of 2019.