Blue Brain welcomes the New York Times Student Journeys

Blue Brain was delighted to welcome the New York Times Student Journeys 2018 groups for a visit to the Project. The New York Times Student Journeys offers educational travel programs for high school students and Blue Brain is part of the itinerary during their three-week visit to Switzerland.

PhD candidates Taylor Newton and Cristina Colangelo presented the Project, describing the work we do, our goals and our achievements to date. The ensuing Q&A session was enthusiastically participated before the students moved on to watch a 3D movie on the Project and browse Blue Brain’s image gallery.

ʺI always enjoy presenting to these groupsʺ, commented Taylor Newton who also presented in 2017, ʺthe students ask interesting questions which makes for an engaging and lively discussion.ʺ

Group Leader Eric Weiner echoed Taylor, “the students really appreciated the opportunity to visit the Blue Brain Project and talk with the researchers. The presentation by the researchers and the 3D movie got students thinking about modeling regions of the brain and how they can get involved in these types of projects in high school and beyond.”

PhD Candidate Taylor Newton presenting to the students