Our research core concentrates on understanding light-matter interactions on a femtosecond (10-15 s) time scale using pump-probe methods.

We approach this complex problem using photon probes at different energies, form infrared to the X-ray wavelengths, or short electron pulses at kinetic energies of tens of keV. This enables various form of optical, photoelectron and electron energy loss spectroscopies, as well as electron diffraction and imaging.

These techniques are available at dedicate experimental apparati in our facility:



Time and angle resolved photoelectron spectroscopy observe a microscopic electron dynamics in the band structure with momentum resolution.

Ultrafast electron diffraction follow atomic motion on the angstrom scale by recording atomic diffraction patterns.

Ultrafast transmission microscopy brings femtosend time resolution to a nanometer spatial resolution, bringing unprecedented insight on light matter coupling and on ultrafast phase transitions.

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