Fabrizio Carbone. Credit: EPFL

Fabrizio Carbone elected APS Fellow

— EPFL Professor Fabrizio Carbone of the School of Basic Sciences has been elected Fellow of the American Physical Society.

Credit: Paul Scherrer Institute/Benedikt Rösner

Making it easier to differentiate mirror-image molecules

— Using a new method, scientists are better able to distinguish between mirror-image substances. This is important amongst others in drug development, because the two variants can cause completely different effects in the human body. Researchers from PSI, EPFL, and the University of Geneva describe the new method in the scientific journal Nature Photonics.

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SAIS Prize 2022 to Oliviero Cannelli

— SAIS Prize 2022 for the thesis “Photo- and thermally-induced electronic and structural dynamics in perovskites and transition metal oxides.”

Artist's impression of a time-resolved circular dichroism measurement of a photoexcited spin-crossover complex. Credit: Ella Maru Studio, Inc.

Tracking chirality in real time

— Scientists at EPFL have developed a new laser-based technique that can measure ultrafast changes in the structural symmetry of molecules, called chirality, tracking their conformational shifts in real time. In a collaboration with researchers from the Universities of Geneva and Pisa, the breakthrough resolves a long-standing issue on how an important class of metal complexes switch their magnetic properties when triggered by a flash of light, and can have implications for magnetic data storage applications.

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Jérémy Rouxel wins the FELs of Europe Award 2022

— During his work at EPFL Jérémy Rouxel contributed to the first demonstration of ultrafast hard X-ray transient grating spectroscopy. The extension of this methods to this photon energy range, recently available at the hard X-ray free electron lasers such as SwissFEL, will provide a unique microscopic tool to address for the first time transport phenomena at the nanoscale in materials with element-selectivity.

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