ASTRA instrumentation

The ASTRA end station is equipped with a preparation chamber with a low-energy electron diffractometer (LEED) and an focused Ar ion sputtering gun for surface preparation, as well as several evaporators.

Samples are transferred via a load-lock system and can be also cleaved in-situ. The sample transfer system is based on “mushroom” type sample holders.


ASTRA sample holders.

The ASTRA main transfer is equipped with a 5 degree of freedom manipulator, with cryogenic cooling down to 20 K.

ARPES main chamber, seen along the beamline.


A 6 degree of freedom manipulator will be implemented, together with an upgrade to “flag style” sample holders by 2023.

An hemispherical electron energy analyser Specs Phoibos 150 is employed for photoelectron spectroscopy, equipped with an MCP-phospor screen assembly and two cameras. A low noise CCD camera (sensicam QE) and a new high speed CMOS detectors (Surface concept Reconflex 800).

A high flux monochromatized He lamp complements our ultrafast light sources allowing for high energy resolution sample characterization in parallel to time-resolved measurements. Contact us for further information.