Harmonium laser system

The laser amplifiers operating at Harmonium

We employ several femtosecond laser systems, to generate the XUV pulses and tailored pump pulses for our experiments.

High harmonics can be generated by a KM Wyvern 1000, operating in the 3-12 kHz range or by a Coherent Astrella (3 kHz).

A second Coherent Astrella (operating at 6 kHz) is electronically synchronized to both the driver lasers and is equipped with a frequency-tuneable high energy TOPAS. Thanks to this system, very long delay time (up to about 0.16 ms ) can be studies, with a ps time resolution.

Finally a MHz laser source of harmonics up to 11 eV (KM Yperion) is available for high-energy resolution ARPES experiments.