An ultrafast transmission electron microscope, developed by LUMES is available for experiments at LACUS.

The system is based on a modified conventional TEM, where photoelecton wavepackets are produced on  a photocatode by the third Harmonic of a Ti:Sapphire laser. Electrons are then accelerated and trasmitted through a thin sample. The short wavelength of the electrons, allows for exceptional spatial resolution (few nm) and the short duration of the pulses is used for pump-probe measurements of materials.

The ultrafast TEM at LUMES

The TEM is also equipped with an electron spectrometer to perform electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS). This enables the resolve several type of microscopic materials excitations on an ultrafast time scale, as well as to prepare and observe free electron wave packets, prepared in engineered quantum states with light.

TEM with EELS spectrometer

Learn more about the instrument and the related science on the dedicated webpage and on the following publications.


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