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Join our dynamic team at SPC, in the stunning Swiss landscapes, where innovation meets inclusivity, all while fostering professional growth and family-friendly support. To find out more read the box ‘Our commitment’ below.

Here are all the details of our job offers and how to apply in these three sections:

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Our commitment

At SPC, we provide an inclusive work environment that thrives on diversity. We firmly believe that the fusion of unique perspectives and ideas is what truly fuels creativity. Our commitment to providing a nurturing workspace enhances professional growth and also overall job satisfaction.

Our center is located close to Lausanne, on EPFL campus, one of the most cosmopolitan universities in Europe. It offers breathtaking views of the mountains and Lake Geneva but also offers the opportunity to embrace a culturally rich and dynamic lifestyle.

Outside the office, we encourage our team members to connect through a variety of social and sports activities. For parents, Lausanne is a family-friendly city. EPFL provides flexible working models, on-campus childcare facilities and other support measures for parents.

SPC welcomes spontaneous applications from outstanding young researchers on any fusion and plasma-related topic. We especially encourage applications from women and other underrepresented groups. We believe that SPC benefits from a diverse work force and that scientific excellence has many faces. SPC is also aligned with the action plan of the Equality and Opportunity Office of EPFL.