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Rogério Jorge (right) getting his doctorate from Paolo Ricci

Rogério Jorge gets the Physics Doctoral Thesis Award

— Rogério Jorge got the award for his thesis entitled ‘A moment-based model for plasma dynamics at arbitrary collisionality’ supervised by Prof. Paolo Ricci at the Swiss Plasma Center and Prof. Nuno Loureiro at the MIT and at the University of Lisbon.

Thomson scattering on TCV © P. Blanchard 2019 EPFL

Best Poster Award for P. Blanchard

— Dr. Patrick Blanchard received the Best Poster Prize at the Laser Aided Plasma Diagnostics Conference. He presented there the latest improvements in the system installed on the TCV tokamak for the electron temperature and density measurement via Thomson scattering. He also presented the first results obtained with this diagnostic.

M. Wensing, A. Iantchenko and H. De Oliveira © Y. Martin EPFL 2019

Awards and honors for three PhD students

— Three PhD students from the SPC were honoured at the annual conference of the Plasma Division of the European Physical Society. M. Wensing received one of the best PhD student poster awards, A. Iantchenko was recommended for the Itoh Project Prize and H. De Oliveira scored highly in the rankings for the best images and videos.

© 2019 EPFL

A diaphragm is installed in TCV and delivers promising first results!

— A diaphragm made of carbon baffles was installed in the TCV tokamak. The diaphragm separates the hot plasma from the region where particles escaping from the plasma interact with the vessel wall, creating a sort of an exhaust chamber. Initial results show the advantages of the new structure.

TORPEX © I. Furno / EPFL 2019

Links between basic plasma physics and fusion in Nature Physics

— An article recently published by the Swiss Plasma Center in Nature Physics illustrates the value of basic plasma physics research and numerical simulations in the quest for fusion.

With permision from [Hudson et al, Phys Lett A, 382, 2018]

Simons Foundation funds collaboration on stellarators

— The Swiss Plasma Center participates in an international collaboration, funded by the Simons Foundation, to unveil the optimal magnetic configurations of stellarators so that their performances are similar to those of tokamaks – while retaining the advantage of being able to operate continuously. The optimization aims at exploiting the beneficial effect of some hidden symmetries that can be produced by specific arrangements of the magnetic coils.

© 2018 SPC

EPFL Physics Thesis Distinction to Nikolay Bykovskiy

— Nikolay Bykovskiy recently received the EPFL Physics Thesis Distinction for his thesis on 'HTS high current cable for fusion application'.

© 2018 SPC

EPFL Physics Thesis Distinction to Anna Teplukhina

— Anna Theplukhina recently received the EPFL Physics Thesis Distinction for her thesis on 'Realistic multi-machine tokamak profile simulations and numerical ramp-down optimization using the RAPTOR code'.

Christian Theiler (credit: EPFL)

Christian Theiler awarded EUROfusion grant

— Professor Christian Theiler at the Swiss Plasma Center (EPFL) has been awarded an “Enabling Research Grant” from the EUROfusion Consortium to lead a collaborative research project in the physics of tokamaks.

Christian Theiler (credit: Alan Herzog/EPFL)

Christian Theiler wins SNSF Eccellenza Grant

— Professor Christian Theiler at the Swiss Plasma Center (EPFL) has been awarded an Eccellenza Grant from the Swiss National Science Foundation.

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