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Paolo Ricci, director of the Swiss Plasma Center © Nicolas Schopfer

"Our priority remains excellence"

— Since June 1, 2024, Paolo Ricci has succeeded Ambrogio Fasoli as Director of the Swiss Plasma Center (SPC). For several years, he has also held the SPC Chair of Theory while teaching physics at EPFL, a passion which has earned him numerous teaching awards. With a career spanning 18 years at the Swiss Plasma Center, he now heads one of the most prestigious plasma physics research laboratories in Europe.

from left to right, Pedro Molina Cabrera, Kyungtak Lim and Haomin Sun © SPC / EPFL

Three emerging voices recognized by the Physics of Plasmas journal

— Kyungtak Lim, Pedro Molina Cabrera and Haomin Sun, two postdoctoral researchers and a PhD student at EPFL's Swiss Plasma Center (SPC), have been selected for the Physics of Plasmas Journal's 2023 Early Career collection. This prestigious recognition, which highlights emerging voices in plasma physics, also gives them the opportunity to showcase the collaborative environment at the SPC that fosters high-level research in their field.

Rita Agus © Nadia Barth / EPFL

Turning water into green disinfectant

— Imagine sterilizing kitchen surfaces and hospital instruments, washing fruits and vegetables, sanitizing hands, or rinsing mouths—all achievable with a single eco-friendly solution: Plasma-activated water (PAW). Rita Agus, a PhD student at the Swiss Plasma Center, is deeply engaged in this research involving PAW, which promises to solve microbial issues without resorting to traditional methods involving heat or chemicals. Recently, she published a paper in the renowned Chemical Engineering Journal, introducing the word’s first portable PAW reactor for academic research, a high-tech tool that could not only transform water, but also our everyday hygiene practices.

Prof. Christian Theiler © Aain Herzog / EPFL

Prof. Christian Theiler promoted to Associate Professor

— The ETH Board has promoted prof. Christian Theiler to Associate Professor of Physics in the School of Basic Sciences (SB).

On site attendees at this year's annual meeting © Nadia Barth /EPFL

Record turnout spotlights crucial role of JOREK code

— The annual JOREK General Meeting successfully took place on EPFL campus from 12th to 16th February 2024. Hosted by the Swiss Plasma Center (SPC) for the first time, this event gathered more than 60 on-site and remote attendees across Europe, Asia and the US, marking the highest number of participants to date. 

7 scientists from SPC © EPFL / SPC

7 (+ 7) Women in Science to follow

— To mark the International Day of Women and Girls in Science on February 11, 7 brilliant female scientists from the Swiss Plasma Center share their stories + 7 empowering women in science who inspire them.

© 2024 EPFL

JET Tokamak's Latest Fusion Energy Record

— In a major scientific achievement, European researchers, including some from EPFL, working at the Joint European Torus (JET) facility have set a new world energy record of 69 megajoules released in sustained and controlled fusion energy.

Swiss Plasma Center © Nadia Barth / EPFL

The SPC strengthens Tokamak security to intensify fusion research

— It's a world first. After seven months of work, more than 220 tons of high-density polyethylene have transformed the shielding around the Tokamak à Configuration Variable (TCV). Never before has such a quantity of this material been used on such a large scale. The goal: to protect the public from ionizing radiation following the recent improvement of TCV's performance. This complex endeavor, a result of collaboration with the Operational Vice-Presidency of EPFL, was successfully completed in August 2023. It promises to propel fusion research to new heights.

Kyungtak Lim, post-doctoral researcher at the Swiss Plasma Center © Nadia Barth / EPFL

SPC researcher wins one of the most prestigious grants within fusion

— In a notable achievement within the field of fusion energy research, Kyungtak Lim, a post-doctoral researcher from the Swiss Plasma Center (SPC) at EPFL, has been awarded a Eurofusion Bernard Bigot researcher Grant (ERG). This recognition comes as part of EUROfusion's initiative to foster the careers of early-stage researchers pioneering the journey towards harnessing fusion energy.

Ambrogio Fasoli, director of the Swiss Plasma Center (SPC) ©  Alain Herzog - EPFL

The star of the Swiss Plasma Center celebrates its 30th anniversary

— The jubilee of the Tokamak à Configuration Variable (TCV) brought together some of the most prominent figures in the political and scientific sphere at EPFL's Rolex Learning Center. This event, marked by a shared sense of purpose and unity, underscored the exceptional trajectory of this major fusion research facility.

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