TCV Upgrades

It is planned to upgrade the TCV Auxiliary Heating system by increasing its power with an additional  2 MW in the ECRH-ECCD system and with the installation of a 1 MW Neutral Beam Heating system .This power increase allows a significant extension of the TCV operational domain towards ITER relevance, as well as enhancing fundamental physics studies of magnetically confined plasmas such as H-mode plasmas with a snowflake divertor.

Simulations with the transport code ASTRA (see figure below) show a wider range of βN attainable with the upgraded system. The Te to Ti ratio will also be more ITER relevant.

Astra code simulation results for TCV upgrade

The upgrade in the TCV ECRH-ECCD system also includes an improvement of the control of the microwave polarization in one transmission line of the X2 gyrotrons by the installation of fast-acting polarizer mirrors .