Technical data

Plasma parameters

Major plasma radius
0.89 m
Minor plasma radius
0.25 m
Aspect ratio
Plasma elongation
0.9 − 2.8
Plasma triangularity
-0.8 − +0.9
Maximal plasma current
1.2 MA
Max. discharge duration
2.6s in ohmic, 4s with ECCD
Core electron density
Core electron temperature
≤ 1 keV (ohmic)
≤ 15 keV (ECH)
Core ion temperature
≤ 1 keV
Main ion component
deuterium, hydrogen or helium
Main heavy impurity
carbon (C6+)

Tokamak parameters

Vacuum vessel:                                      height
1.54 m
0.56 m
vessel elongation
stainless steel (DIN 1.4429 /AISI 316LN)
internal surface
23 m2
wall thickness
10 mm
Graphite first wall:                             coverage
polycrystalline graphite (R6650MX2)
glow discharge in helium between shots
number of graphite tiles
Magnetic coils:                             total number
Toroidal field                         number of coils 16 (1 power source)
maximal on axis magnetic field
1.54 T
OH coils                               number of coils
7 (2 power sources)
maximal current
27 kA
 Shaping coils                       number of coils 16 (16 independent power sources)
 maximal current 7 kA
In-vessel vertical fb coil       number of coils 2 (1 power source)
maximal current 2 kA
Plasma heating:                             Ohmic (OH)
up to 1 MW
Electron cyclotron (ECH)
4.5 MW (6×0.5 MW X2 + 3×0.5 MW X3)