Significant hot ion pressure anisotropy occurs when magnetically confined plasmas are subject to minority ICRH . This has an impact on the equilibrium, the heat deposition and the distribution function. The SCENIC package has been developed to integrate the ANIMEC, LEMan and the full-f version of the VENUS code (the assumption of small δf is not justifiably satisfied for ICRH, thus a full-f version of VENUS was developed).

SCENIC workflow

The parallel pressure moment of the hot particle distribution function is approximated with a bi-Maxwellian model in which the fast particle pressure amplitude and the ratio of hot particle perpendicular to parallel temperatures on each flux surface constitute the fitting parameters. The computation is iterated until a converged solution is achieved. Previous work has only been limited to an iteration between a heat deposition code and a distribution function solver without updating the necessarily anisotropic equilibrium state. A converged result encompasses selfconsistent solutions to the MHD equilibrium, the wave field and the distribution function. A NBI module has also been adapted and interfaced with the VENUS full-f code to explore energetic ion confinement properties in tokamaks.