SPC-SG has developed, through the design, development and testing of superconducting coil systems for several large scale international projects an expertise for:

  • Superconductor material science
  • Conductor technology
  • Cryogenics
  • Magnet technology
  • Design and system studies
  • Performance testing

The current activities are mainly focused on superconductors testing in the high field test facility SULTAN.

  • LTS Conductor and joint development for EU-DEMO (Eurofusion)
  • HTS Conductor development for EU-DEMO (Eurofusion)
  • Joint development for LTS high field dipoles (CERN)
  • Current leads development
  • Experimental evaluation and analysis of thermal hydraulic behavior of cable-in-conduit conductors, EU-DEMO (Eurofusion)
  • Operation of smaller facilities, e.g. high field laboratory magnets, Variable temperature insert, winding and testing of small insert coils.