Invited speakers

  • Mikhail Dorf, LLNL, “Continuum Gyrokinetic Simulations of Edge Plasmas in Single-Null Geometries
  • Roman D. Smirnov, UCSD, “On the role of plasma-wall coupling in edge plasma physics
  • Holger Reimerdes, EPFL SPC, “TCV experiments testing plasma edge models for conventional and alternative plasma exhaust solutions
  • Seiki Saito, Yamagata Univ., “Development of molecular dynamics simulation code for hydrogen recycling on tungsten wall
  • Rui Ding, ASIPP, “Physics basis and design of tungsten divertor for Chinese fusion engineering testing reactor
  • Ilya Senichenkov, SPbPU, “Detached regime with highly radiating X-point: physics and modeling