TCV – Plasma heating with ECRH

A powerful electron cyclotron resonance heating (ECRH) system is installed on TCV. 9 gyrotrons provide a total power of 4.5MW.  A well thought-out system of wave launchers allows for localised plasma heating or toroidal injection for current drive.

Effects of the EC waves on the plasma are intensively investigated on TCV. These include:

  • Improvement of the confinement properties due to development of transport barriers
  • quasi-linear modeling of the evolution of the electron velocity distribution function in phases with strong wave-particle interactions
  • Generation of highly suprathermal electrons by ECCD.
  • Although merely heating electrons, ECRH has become an important tool for the localised modification of plasma parameters, e.g. current profile tailoring, neoclassical tearing mode (NTM) stabilisation or sawtooth control.
  • The selectivity in energy and space made of EC physics a highly regarded mean of distribution function engineering.
  • Recent developments in plasma feedback control hardware promote these tools even available in real time.

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Suprathermal electrons

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