Doctoral Courses

Doctoral School Lectures

Semester Title Lecturer Note
Spring 2020 Plasma Diagnostics in Basic Plasma Physics Devices and Tokamaks: from Principles to Practice (on ISA/EPFL) I.Furno, H.Reimerdes & B.Labit 2 credits, 1 week bloc course
Spring 2023 Control and Operation of Tokamaks F.Felici, A. Merle, H. Reimerdes, A. Pau & C. Galperti 2 credits, 2 week bloc course
Autumn 2018 Magnetic Confinement A.Fasoli, J.Graves, J.Loizu, P.Ricci, O.Sauter, D.Testa 4 credits
Spring 2019 Fusion and Industrial Plasma Technologies S.Alberti, P.Bruzzone, B.Duval, D.Fasel, J.-P.Hogge,  A.Howling, Y.Martin, P.Ricci 4 credits
Autumn 2019 Plasma Instabilities S.Brunner & J.Graves 4 credits