We believe that scientific research is all about collaboration. We believe that one should always seek new points of view and new capabilities. Thus we are always open to new and interesting​ partnerships.

SCCER-FURIES Work Plan is implemented by the Academic and Industrial Research Partners.

The SCCER-FURIES academic partners are coming from 32 different laboratories in 10 schools, from ETH domain, universities of applied science and cantonal universities. They combine a wide range of power-grid related competencies for various fields such as electrical, mechanical, chemical and microengineering; computer sciences and communication systems; mathematics; geo-informatics; hydrology; and economics.
These skills and number of experts make the SCCER-FURIES unique on its field, since it has the critical mass and capabilities to address complex issues of the power-grid and on a holistic way.

SCCER-FURIES researchers work together with 56 companies from all the parts of the value chain of the energy sector including:
27 Utilities including 24 DSOs (powering the 70% of the Swiss population), the national TSO (Swissgrid) and the national railway (SBB-CFF-FFS)
29 Providers of technology and services.
17 of these partners are Strategic by collaborating at a corporate level with the SCCER-FURIES academic partners.