Executive Committee


The Executive Committee is composed of the Head, the Deputy, the Project Manager and the Work Packages Leaders. It shall ensure the cross-WP coordination for the implementation of the Innovation Roadmap and exchange of best practices for the improvement of the Center’s performances. The ExCom reports to and advises the Board on the scientific and strategic planning.


Duties and Power

The ExCom shall:

  1. Develop the action plan on the addressing of the EP’s requirements as approved by the Board and monitor its application.
  2. Coordinate the updating of the Innovation Roadmap and the Top Innovation Chart, and submit its updated version to the Board for approval through the Head and monitor its implementation in collaboration with the Sub-task leaders.
  3. Exchange best practices on the Knowledge and Technology Transfer and engagement of new Cooperation Partners.

  4. Coordinate presentation for events such as the CTI Evaluation Panel’s Site Visit and Annual Conference.

  5. Coordinate the organization of one (1) young scientists school per year at the SCCER-FURIES level according to the “demande d’encouragement SCCER” of 21/03/2016.

  6. Plan the organization of at least two thematic workshops per year, with participation (and sponsorship) of the industrial partners in collaboration with the Management office.

  7. Undertake any ad-hoc activity required for the improvement of the performance of the Center.