Smart meters


smart_meter Valorization of the smart meters that are already rolling-out in Switzerland driven by the liberalization of the market.


The aim of this activity is to use of smart meters (SM) data for grid analysis in GridEye infrastructure. This includes low voltage grid state estimation using SM data and improving the accuracy of SMs data-based LV grid state estimation by incorporating GridEye data.

Preliminary Results


140 smart meters are already installed in the LV grid of the station Hôpital and associated scientific activities were initiated. By the end of 2018, five more LV grids will be equipped with 600 more smart meters.


Currently, the impact of different factors such as i) uncertainty in SM measurements, ii) loss of SM data, and iii) non-synchronization of SM data on the state estimation results are analyzed. Possible architectures for communicating with SMs for collecting their measurement data are under investigation considering legislative and privacy aspects.
The primarily tests for coupling SMs data with GridEye system will be carried on Hôpital district of the demonstration site Rolle (left figure below). The single line diagram of the LV grid in the district is shown in figure right, indicating the secondary transformer (in blue in which GridEye device is already installed) and three street cabinets (in red).

hospital single_line
Figure 1: Hôpital district of the demonstration site Rolle (left) and the single line diagram of the LV grid (right).

Involved partners/Contacts


Dr. Omid Alizadeh-Mousavi