About the REeL Demo


The REEL Demo aims to respond to the research questions below.

  • How the monitoring and management system of the future power grid can be enhanced with additional functionalities (as defined in the SFOE Smart Grid Roadmap) in order to enable the implementation of the Swiss energy strategy 2050?
  • Which grid control solution is the most appropriate for each grid topology, considering management at the different level of the grid from the end user (DSM) to the LV and MV?
  • Which is the optimal number of monitoring devices for an active power grid that enable the incorporation of the above-mentioned functionalities?
  • Which is the most appropriate way to integrate into the grid large-PV plant while satisfying various objectives, such as optimum grid control, maximum PV power integration, islanded grid mode?
  • How the overall flexibility of the power system could be improved through the interaction among the various grid levels and energy-hubs?
  • Which are the most appropriate business models for the promotion of these proposed solutions?

Therefore, it will serve as open and permanent platform for

  • Testing and validation solutions for the monitoring and management of the future active power grid, at different scales namely Smart City, Grid, Building or Home
  • Linking regulated operations and free market initiatives
  • Interaction among the grid stakeholders and awareness raising of the general public on the smart grid technologies

This will enable the vast and seamless integration of renewable energy sources into the Swiss energy mix.

Summary of Activities

For responding to these research questions, the REeL Demonstration project has been developed with the following key aspects:

  • Under the leadership of Romande Energie, 14 FURIES partners joined forces including 10 academic partners, from the ETH Domain and Universities of Applied Science and across Switzerland; and 4 industrial from the utility, energy storage and grid monitoring sectors.


Zaphiro      GridSteer

  • A serie of activities are defined and are undertaken on the grid of Romande Energie in order to enhance it with the appropriate functionalities. Given that these functionalities cover all the function categories of the SFOE Smart Grid Roadmap, successful integration and testing of these functionalities and transfer of the knowledge and technology to other DSOs will highly contribute to the development of smart grids and the enabling of the achievement of the Swiss Energy Strategy 2050.
  • Two demonstration sites are selected on the grid of Romande Energie, an urban area in Rolle and rural.

  • The following equipment will be installed in the demonstration sites:

Technology/Provider Quantity Location(s)
BESS/open call 1 Rural
tiko solutions/ tiko More than 200 Urban
GridEye/DEPSys 100 Urban and Rural
PMUs/Zaphiro technologies 37 ; 33 Urban ; Rural
Soft-open-point 1 Rural
Remotely controlled stations 7 Urban
Smart meters/open call 750 Urban
All-sky camera 1 Rural
Data management system 1 Urban



The project team acknowledges the financial contribution of the Swiss Federal Office of Energy and particularly the Pilot, Demonstration and Lighthouse project.


This projects is undertaken in the framework of SCCER-FURIES financed by Innosuisse: