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Overview of recent Swiss power systems research

— SCCER-FURIES 2017-2020 Activity report

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SCCER-FURIES Annual conference (presentation)

— 7th Annual Conference on “Large-scale demonstrators for the implementation of the Swiss Energy Strategy 2050” was held online on Oct. 28th

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Innovative solutions for the achievement of the Swiss Energy strategy

— Video in Aigle introducing the research activities for the integration into the grid of stochastic and distributed renewable resources into the grid with the use of a BESS

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— The 3rd SCCER-FURIES Newsletter is now released

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SCCER-FURIES Annual conference (program)

— The Programme of the SCCER-FURIES in now released

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Validating the role of batteries in the Swiss energy transition

— The installation of the district-scale battery (1.5 MVA/2.5 MWh) in Aigle, undertaken in the frame of the SCCER-FURIES REeL project, has been completed.

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Shaping the Future Electrical Infrastructure in Switzerland

— Save the date – SCCER-FURIES 7th Annual Conference to be held online 

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International Workshop in the frame of SCCER-FURIES

— SCCER-FURIES' partner, Prof. Dr. Petr Korba (ZHAW), organises the IV International Workshop on Dynamic Stability Challenges of the Future Power Grids (DynPower)

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SNSF highlights GridSteer as a success story

— SNSF's annual report “Profile 2019-2020” points out GridSteer as one of the three lab-to-market highlights

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New Quasi-2-Level Operated Flying Capacitor Converter

— The ETHZ-PES lab has developed a 40kV / 300kVA Quasi-2-Level Flying Capacitor Converter (Q2L-FCC) performing better than the conventional solution.

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Best paper award at the 2019 conference on energy informatics

— Lionel Bloch and Jordan Holweger were in Salzburg for the conference on energy informatics 2019. Their paper was elected as the best paper among the 57 accepted papers.

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Overpassing barriers

— SCCER-FURIES Task on Regulatory barriers for the implementation of the smart grid solutions in Switzerland

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Two ISGAN events on power grids in Montreux (CH)

— On September 30th and October 3rd

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Energy Startup Day

— Are you interested in strategic partnerships or need an investment?

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