GridEye advanced monitoring


GridEye Provide DSOs with LV grid control strategies based on sub-optimal control approaches and a model-less approach for estimation of sensitivity coefficients


There are two sets of activities undertaken by DEPSys on GridEye-based advanced monitoring:

Model-less approach for estimation of sensitivity coefficients

This activity lies on the evaluation of the quality of supply in distribution grids and estimation of behavior of LV grids only by using measurement data and without the knowledge of grid parameters. Therefore, sensitivity coefficients will be estimated for each LV grid using the model-less approach and the results will be compared with the sensitivity coefficients calculated using the grid model (Carpita et al., 2016). As a first step, the GridEye units were developed and installed in Rolle. Additional GridEye units will be installed within LV grids to get measurement data for the estimation of sensitivity coefficients.

Control strategies based on sub-optimal control approaches

The aim of this activity is to guarantee the technically secure operation and economically optimal operation of distribution grids by using the model-less and decentralized control approach. This should respect constrains of network and controllable devices and satisfy the objectives of system operators and the end-customers.

To this aim, the framework for a model-less and decentralized grid control approach will be developed; the controllable resources in distribution grids will be identified and GridEye devices will be used to control them. The grid performance will be evaluated using the proposed control strategies.

Preliminary Results

Model-less approach for estimation of sensitivity coefficients

The installation of the GridEye units advances according to the plan. 40 GridEye devices are installed in Rolle and measurements data are available since the beginning of December 2017. The GridEye platform is up and running at the Romande Energie facilities in Morges.


Figure 1: Devices installed in Rolle and results of first measurements

Control strategies based on sub-optimal control approaches

Currently the framework is under development while the identification of the controllable resources is facing delays associated to the postponed installation of DSM and identification of the controllable resources.

Involved partners/Contacts


Dr. Omid Alizadeh-Mousavi


Carpita, M., Reynaud, S., Parisod, H., Paolone, M., Christakou, K., Mugnier, C., Bifrare, A., Jaton, J., Besson, G. and De Vivo, M. (2016). SMILE The theoretical and application Study on a Metering and Intelligent tool for Low Voltage grid control Enhancement. [online] Yverdon-les-Bains: OFEN, p.42. Available at: [Accessed 30 Jan. 2018].