Commelec control framework


Commelec Provide the DSOs with a real-time control framework of grids with several heterogeneous resources at MV and LV in order to increase host capacity and ensure grid security


Commelec is a framework that enables real-time control of heterogeneous resources using explicit power set points. The Commelec control system is under deployment in Rolle with the aim to either provide frequency support to the medium-voltage side grid or have a dispatchable LV feeder or both.

The following actions will be taken:

a) Adaptation of the uncontrollable Commelec load agent to the needs of the project

b) Development of an Application programming interface (API) Commelec-GridEye by DEPSys to sense and actuate different controllable resources in Rolle

Preliminary Results

Up to date, the uncontrollable load agent in Commelec is developed in Python but it needs to be ported in C++ given that Python implementation is slow. Also, an API is already defined by EPFL and DEPsys (the company which commercializes GridEye units) and is currently being by DEPsys. (Achara et al., 2017).

Involved partners/Contacts



Dr. Jagdish Prasad Achara (EPFL-LCA2)

Dr. Lorenzo Reyes (EPFL-DESL)


GridEye-Commelec interface:

Dr. Omid Alizadeh-Mousavi



Achara, J., Mohiuddin, M., Saab, W., Rudnik, R. and Le Boudec, J. (2017). T-RECS: A software testbed for multi-agent real-time control of electric grids. In: 22nd IEEE International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation (ETFA).