Become a Partner

Why to become a SCCER-FURIES partner

SCCER-FURIES provides his partners with:

1) Access to resources, such as

  • A pool of capacities of 32 laboratories around Switzerland including human resources of 250 experts and various infrastructures

  • Funds including both seed funds from Innosuisse (through academic partners) and project funds from other funding agencies

  • Training activites from thematic/technical to general and for different level of seniority

2) A competitive advantage on the fluctuating energy market with

  • Insights on the current research activities and technological trends on the power grid sector in Switzerland

  • Solid network of key power system actors in Switzerland, that contributes to the shape of the Future Swiss Electrical Infrastructure

  • Visibility of their innovative activities in the frame of SCCER-FURIES


Who is eligible

Companies, public institutions and Swiss or foreign academic institutions that are:
  • active in the field of power and energy systems
  • enjoys an outstanding reputation
  • are in a position to contribute actively to the achievement of the SCCER-FURIES goals, and
  • agree with the Governance Regulations of the SCCER-FURIES,
are eligible for affiliation to the SCCER as Research Partners.

How to become a members

1. Companies and Institution that fulfill the above mentioned criteria are invited to express their interest by sending a letter of intent to [email protected] addressed to the Head of the SCCER-FURIES.

It is recommended, that this letter will include:

  • a brief description of  the current activities of t he company/institution

  • the subtask  it is interested in participating

  • a paragraph on the added value for the SCCER-FURIES would be also appreciated.

If you prefer so, please feel free to use this form:  Partnership Form 

2. The SCCER-FURIES Board shall decide at its discretion on the admission of new Partners, taking into account the needs and capacities of the Center.

3. The new partner shall sign the Accession document of the Governance Regulation.

For the most recent version of the SCCER-FURIES Governance Regulations, please follow the link: Governance Regulations


For further details about the added value of SCCER-FURIES for the industry, please feel free to download our flyer