Knowledge Transfer

Switzerland leads the innovation ranking but…

Switzerland is the most innovative country of the world, according to a study conducted by World Intellectual Property Organisation, Cornell University and INSEAD, and according to the World Intellectual Property Organization ranking.
The high level of creation, impact of knowledge and technology outputs, as well as the links among government, the private sector and universities are the key reasons for this achievement the 8th year in a row. However, there is sill room for improvement in the area of power infrastructure. Highly competitive environment asks for continues innovation, knowledge and technology transfer (KTT) in order to maintain this position. Therefore, initiatives and projects like SCCER-FURIES have to rise to the challenge.

Added value of KTT Platform

The SCCER-FURIES KTT Platform aims to enhance innovation in Switzerland by:
  • increasing discoverability and accessibility of research finding; training activities and ongoing projects in Switzerland.
  • serving as a platform of interaction among universities and innovative companies; and
  • strengthens Switzerland’s innovation performance and competiveness on the power infrastructure