SCCER-FURIES is a community of more than 200 experts that produce significant amount of outcomes such as 400 peer-reviewed papers; 14 patents; 5 licences; 5 spin-offs; and 52 prototypes, pilots and demos. This high amount of results is achieved in only 4 years of existence of the center which makes this collaboration particularly fruitful.

For the maximisation of the impact of this work to the Swiss energy transition, specific measures are put in place for the translation of these results in layman’s language and their dissemination. These measures complement the Knowledge and Technology transfer efforts that are addressed mainly to the industrial partners.

For instance, articles are developed on the key milestones of the center and you can discover in our news page. Also, our efforts attract the attention of the press with dedicated articles on the center or specific partners’ activites that you can find under the media page.

Furthermore, for the presentation of their results and establishment of new collaboration, partners organise and attend events related to the center’s focus area that you can find out on the events page. Similarly, our communication page includes downloadable documents such as our latest newsletters and communication materials.