Activities Phase II

S 3.1 Multi-terminal HVDC system design, testing and operation

Subtask leader: 2.6 ETHZ-HVL, Prof. Franck

Description: Building up and demonstration of the high performance DC-test source for DC grid components with integration of Hardware-in-the-loop control (target capacity: 10kV / 30 kA), and development of recommendations for coordinated ACDC networks (e.g. on power quality).

M3.1.1 Extension of source for pulsed + DC current
2.4 ETHZ-HPE, Prof. Biela [Jun. 2018]
M3.1.2 Enhanced dynamic controller concept ready 2.4 ETHZ-HPE, Prof. Biela [Dec. 2018]
M3.1.3 Installation of full-scale test source 2.4 ETHZ-HPE, Prof. Biela [Dec. 2020]
M3.1.4 Operation and design concepts for coordinated ACDC networks 4.1 HES-SO-EIA-FR, Prof. Favre- Perrod [Dec. 2020]


S 3.2 Fault detection and clearing in multi-terminal HVDC

Subtask leader: 1.10 EPFL-EMC, Prof. Rachidi

Description: Develop and test an ultra-Fast disconnector and a hybrid circuit breaker for DC grids in the new testing facility (FURIES AC/DC lab network); and develop and demonstrate a fault location device for transmission and distribution systems based on electromagnetic time reversal (Romande Energie demonstrator site).

M3.2.1 Ultra-Fast disconnector built and experimentally characterized 2.6 ETHZ-HVL, Prof. Franck [Aug 2018]
M3.2.2 Prototype of the fault locating device 1.10 EPFL-EMC, Prof. Rachidi [Dec 2018]
M3.2.3 Hybrid circuit breaker system build and performance experimentally measured  2.6 ETHZ-HVL, Prof. Franck  [Dec 2019]
M3.2.4 Deployment of the system in a substation of the Romande Energie demonstrator and performance analysis 1.10 EPFL-EMC, Prof. Rachidi  [Dec 2020]

S 3.3 Enabling component and converter technologies and applications

Subtask leader: 4.2 HES-SO-IESE, Prof. Carpita

Description: Demonstrate (sub-)systems integrating advanced power electronic devices and functionalities
a) development and demonstration of highly flexible, modular and scalable direct current transformer technology platform for medium voltage direct current grids, integrating advance control and protection features (“GIMC converters”). Study of the MVDC grids stability, considering converter interactions and active load sharing
b) fault and power flow management in active distribution grids by using a soft open point (in cooperation with Romande Energie)
c) the development and demonstration of a framework for the provision of ancillary services in systems with high RE penetration
d) the development of a toolbox for optimized medium-voltage medium-frequency solid-state transformer This will include the deployment of a soft open point first in the FURIES AC/DC lab network and subsequently in the Romande Energie demonstrator in cooperation with S3.2, which will provide the fault detection needed for the operation of the device.


M3.3.1 Development of a design toolbox for solid-state transformers  2.5 ETHZ-LEM, Prof. Kolar  [Dec 2017]
M3.3.2 DC transformer concept developed  1.8 EPFL-PEL, Prof. Dujic  [Dec 2017]
M3.3.3 Stability of MVDC laboratory demonstrator established  1.8 EPFL-PEL, Prof. Dujic  [Dec 2018]
M3.3.4 Laboratory test of soft-open point prototype  4.2 HES-SO-IESE, Prof. Carpita  [Jul 2019]
M3.3.5 Laboratory demonstration of core functional parts of an optimized SST  2.5 ETHZ-LEM, Prof. Kolar  [Dec 2020]
M3.3.6 Field test soft-open point prototype demonstrated  4.2 HES-SO-IESE, Prof. Carpita [Dec 2020]


Activities Phase I


Characterisation  of different HVDC converter topologies  with respect to their capability to support fault clearance by converter control actions 
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M 3.2.1   
Fault-management processes and AC/DC co-ordination recommendations
Concept and build-up of prototype for HVDC CB test facility
M 3.2.3   
Performance estimation of HVDC circuit breakers
M 3.2.4   
Concept and build-up of  HVDC CB test facility (10kV/20kA)
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M 3.3.1   
Galvanically insulated modular converters concept for large scale application in future networks
Galvanically insulated modular converter prototype
M3.3.3 Improved power electronic devices for mixed-frequency voltage stress  
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M 3.4.1  
Test of measurement techniques of RTS
Test of module for enhanced voltage control
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M 3.5.1   
Study of the impact of the MV storage on grid frequency control
M 3.5.2   
Test of the modular reduced scale storage demonstrator on lab setting
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Collaboration with other SCCERs