Spinoffs of the Center for Neuroprosthetics

MindMaze is a neurotechnology company based out of Switzerland and San Francisco which, in less than four years, has become one of the top technology start-ups in Switzerland.

The company brings together an eclectic mix of computer scientists, neuroscientists, physicists and roboticists driven by a passion to enhance the quality of life of brain injury survivors. MindMaze has developed and launched medical grade virtual reality products to stimulate neural recovery. MindMaze is now translating its VR and Neuroscience expertise into new fields of consumer health and technology with applications for Social VR and Wellness.

MindMaze has developed a breakthrough platform to build intuitive human machine interfaces combining virtual reality (VR), computer graphics, brain imaging & neuroscience. The company’s medical grade technology enables exciting new applications in gaming, brain machine control, and healthcare.

  • Website: www.mindmaze.com
  • Twitter: @MindMazeSA
  • Address: Chemin de Roseneck 5, 1006 Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Phone contact : +41 21 552 08 02
  • Email contact :  [email protected]
  • Creation Date: May 2012

SensArs Neuroprosthetics is a spin-off from EPFL (Lausanne, Switzerland) and SSSA (Pisa, Italy), founded in 2014. The mission of the start-up is to improve the life of people with damages to or lack of the peripheral nervous system. The passion and humanitarian reasons that move the founders have been so far the propellant that allowed the start-up to reach the needed milestones towards enabling disabled people.

  • Website: www.sensars.com
  • Twitter: @SensArsNPT
  • Address: Chemin de Paquis 4b, St.Suplice, 1025, Switzerland
  • Email contact : [email protected]
  • Creation Date: June 2014

GTX Medical is a spin-off company from Professor Courtine’s laboratory at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL, Switzerland), with offices in Switzerland and the Netherlands. The Company is developing an Implantable Neuro-stimulation System (INS) with real-time motion feedback and training tools to rehabilitate patients suffering from neurological disorders such as spinal cord injury (SCI).

The initial focus of GTX Medical will be paraplegic patients with incomplete SCI due to a lesion in the cervical or thoracic segments of the spinal cord.

  • Website: www.gtxmedical.com
  • Address (CH): EPFL Innovation Park Building C, 1015 Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Address (NL): High Tech Campus 32, 5656AE, Eindhoven, Netherlands
  • Phone contact : +31 40 288 2830,
  • Email contact :  [email protected]
  • Creation Date: December 2014 (G-Therapeutics)

Intento SA is an award-winning spin-off company from the EPFL Center for Neuroprosthetics and the National Centre of Competence in Research Robotics, developing a solution for the rehabilitation of upper limbs of severely paralyzed stroke patients.

Every year 17 million people suffer a stroke, causing in 30 percent of the cases a severe, permanent paralysis on one half of the body. Currently, there are no effective interventions for the rehabilitation of the upper limbs. Intento’s solution is based on non-invasive electrical stimulation and has shown in a recently concluded clinical study to promote high functional recovery, helping chronic stroke patients to regain motor function already after a two weeks of treatment. Intento has received 14 awards among which the prestigious Swiss Medtech Award 2016, and is currently ranking among the TOP 100 Swiss Startups.

  • Website: www.intento.ch
  • Twitter: @IntentoRehab
  • Address: Chemin de la Raye 13, 1024, Ecublens
  • Phone contact : +41 (0) 21 552 04 85
  • Email contact : [email protected]
  • Creation Date: March 2016

IMVERSE is a spin-off from Professor Blanke’s lab at the EPFL, developing software and providing services for Mixed Reality content creation.Our volumetric solutions reduce the time and money spent on production phases of VR movies and Hollywood movies by a factor of 10.

This is only possible thanks to our proprietary voxel-based rendering and simulation graphics engine, and our easy and fast process to transform a single 360-degree 2D picture, from any commercial camera, into a 3D room-scale experience with live hologram actors and real-time VFX. Our vision is to democratize virtual and mixed reality production to allow anyone, without technical skills or big budgets, to create interactive experiences.

  • Website: www.imverse.ch
  • Twitter: @imverseCH
  • Address: Chemin du Pré-Fleuri 3, CH-1228 Plan-les-Ouates, Geneva, Switzerland
  • Email contact : [email protected]
  • Phone contact: +41 76 200 98 27
  • Creation Date:  May 2017