Cities are at the same time complex societies, material sedimentations, technical systems and ecological organizations. The four aspects, indivisible, are at the foundation of the research platform.

HRC aims at an international leading position addressing inter-pluri-transdisciplinarity as a core value; to promote both local and international initiatives; to identify places of innovation at the international level.

HRC aims to position itself at the frontier of the urban phenomena assuming the future as a “research habit”, to link Academia and Society and to explore, through design, the ecological, technological and socio-economic transition in the urban space.

HRC aims at bridging research, teaching and design. The City-Territory is going through a widespread metamorphosis. This is the moment to think about extensive research that looks at the ordinary city in a new and radical way. On the one hand, the commitment to different projects stimulates the production of knowledge. Here research through design has proven itself. On the other hand, urban projects are deeply established in empirical and theoretical analysis of the present. Urban dynamics are technically and politically hard to grasp due to their complexity and temporality. It is thus necessary to join observation and action, reasoning and intention.


Research Tools

In cooperation among the different orientations, the research makes use of various cognitive strategies, tools and methods to produce:

— Environmental and Social Analyses
— New Cartographies
— Visions and Scenarios
— Projects and Prototypes