"Du sol et du travail", Consultation Grand Genève, 2020.

Habitat Research Center is an interdisciplinary research platform. Its mission is to explore the urban phenomena and to produce visions and projects on this primary topic.


Allying basic research and research by design, Habitat Research Center is a logical and fruitful development of the EPFL’s mission, offering a unique aggregation of architects, engineers, urban ecologists and social scientists.

Habitat Research Center aims at reinforcing synergies at the EPFL level around a major topic: Urbanization in Transition 

Urbanization and Transition (Urbanization in Transition) are the two keywords of Habitat Research Center. In its multiple and transversal dimensions, the contemporary urban space reflects a wide range of research, design and cultural challenges which are crucial to tackle the ecological and social transition.

Beyond sectorial approaches and as a place for interdisciplinary reflection, HRC aims at sustaining EPFL’s service missions in order to bring to academia and society its expertise on the urban environment in transition.

HRC Organizational Structure 

Working Hypotheses

Habitat develops an original approach to exploring the ecological, technological and social transition, based on three main working hypotheses: