EPF Lausanne, Habitat Research Center (Switzerland)
with Studio Paola Viganò (Italy)
UCL, Université Catholique de Louvain (Belgium), 
Metabolism of Cities (Belgium),
IDEA Strategische & Economische Consulting NV (Belgium),
Serge Ecker Artist (Luxembourg)

Launched by the Ministry of Energy and Spatial Planning of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the consultation titled Luxembourg in Transition – Spatial visions for the low-carbon and sustainable future of the Luxembourg functional region asks for ten international multidisciplinary teams to devise the spatial future of a carbon-neutral Luxembourg in 2050. An attractive cross-border region in the center of Europe, whose population renews itself every thirty years, Luxembourg is in the midst of a tremendous physical and social mutation.

This transition, if embraced, will give a direction to these mutations and will provide the opportunity to rethink some fundamental aspects of the territory. In these times of drastic changes, it is important to go beyond the commonly accepted but often generic rhetoric around climate emergency and to carefully observe how different visions of the world co-exist and sometimes differ drastically from each other. 

HRC has been selected together with nine other international teams and has worked on the first phase of the selection.