The “Time Machine Prototype” Call aimed at building “Time Machine Prototype(s)” experimenting a new approach (4D data modelling) for integrating multi-scalar spatio-temporal phenomena. Such a prototype served to build multidisciplinary images (and questions) exploring the multiple dimension of time: the historical (the long-term); the present (contemporary dynamics and flows) and the future (both short and long-term scenarios).

Within this framework the Call aimed at building spatial prototypes of chronological interconnections between: the history of the territory, the cultural heritage, the dynamics of mobility, energy, air, hydrology, the evolution of land-use and territorial infrastructures. The goal of the Call has been to test the Time Machine Prototype applied to spatial and natural sciences, the project demonstrated how individual research, if linked to other research and placed in time/space, can produce additional knowledge while revealing new research questions.

Two projects were selected and financed with 30k CHF each: