The “One Health” Call had a combined focus on human health, biodiversity, and the concrete interventions and infrastructures that can be developed in urban areas in order to promote the emerging “One Health” agenda, i.e. the simultaneous and integrated taking into account of the interests of humans and other species, who live together in a given (e.g. urban) environment.

This Call promoted interdisciplinary projects focusing on how the contemporary urban environment may be modified to improve the health of the human populations as well as the survival and thriving of plant and animal species whose co-presence is not only compatible with human health, but favourable to it and vice versa. The Call was aimed for projects going beyond traditional concepts of parks and green areas, or hub-and-spoke park systems, and towards innovative whole-city concepts integrating human activities with those of other species, wild and/or domestic.

Three projects were selected and funded with 20k CHF each: