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Fibroblasst with Nuclei, Microtubules, Actin and Mitochondria stainings, acquired on an LSM710 confocal microscope.

Dr. Arne Seitz

Our goal is to provide instruments and more importantly expertise to solve challenging (biological) questions with modern light-microscopy. Therefore the BIOP seeks to create a link between life sciences and engineering to investigate jointly these fundamental fields.

Dr. Arne Seitz, Head of PTBIOP


Transfering registration from different modalities, here fluorescence to brightfield

Whole Slide Registration Workflow Published

Our very own Nicolas has recently published a new article in Frontiers entitled: “An Open-Source Whole Slide Image Registration Workflow at Cellular Precision Using Fiji, QuPath and Elastix”

DEVILS workflow applied to 3 channel lighthseet cleared brain

DEVILS is published in F1000R

Our Software Tool Article “DEVILS: a tool for the visualization of large datasets with a high dynamic range” is available on F1000R

ZIDAS 2023 is being co-organized by the BIOP

Switerland’s Image and Data Analysis School (ZIDAS) 2023 will be hosted by EPFL this summer!

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Leica SP8 invert microscope


Widefield, Confocal, Spinning Disk, Lightsheet, Superresolution, Lifetime Imaging, Microdissection

Cell Segmentation in ImageJ-Fiji

Image Processing

Workstations, Deconvolution, Deep Learning, Custom Workflows

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in Microscopy and Image Processing

QuPAth Segmentation Results


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