Leica DM5500

Leica DM5500 Upright Microscope. Suitable for tiling in fluorescence and brightfield.

Person in charge: José Artacho

Book on SV-PPMS

Technical Specifications

Stand: Upright DM5500B motorized
XY-Stage: Motorized
Illumination: LED Lumencor SOLA
Software: LEICA LAS-X


CamerasDMC 2900 ColorDFC 3000 B/W
Chip TechnologyCMOS ColorCCD Grayscale
Sensor Format2048 x 15361296 x 966
Chip size6.55 mm x 4.92 mm6.26 mm x 5.01 mm
Pixel size3.2 um x 3.2 um3.75 um x 3.75 um
Dynamic Range12-bit16-bit (max)


ObjectiveMag/NAMediumContrastWD (mm)
HCX PL FLUOTAR5x/0.15air12.00
HC PL FLUOTAR10x/0.3airDIC, POL 11.00
HC PL APO20x/0.75IMMDIC, POL 0.26
HC PL APO CS20x/0.7airDIC, POL0.59
PL FLUOTAR40x/1.0oilDIC, POL 0.08
HCX PL APO63x/1.4oilDIC, POL 0.10


The links in the table below will send you to an FPbase configuration page.

BlueBP 360/40FT 400BP 470/40A4
CFPHC 438/24BS 458HC 483/32F36-544
YFPHC 500/24BS 520HC 542/27F36-528
GBPBP 480/40FT 505BP 527/30L5
RPBBP 546/12FT 565BP 600/40N3
DeRBP 620/60FT 600BP 700/75Y5