Leica SP8 IN1

Leica SP8 IN1 Microscope
Flexible Inverted confocal microscope with resonant scanner and motorized stage. Ideal for widefield and confocal tiled acquisitions.

Multipurpose point scanning confocal microscope with PMT, tPMT, HyD and CCD camera detectors. Motorized stage with Navigator for convenient tiling.

OKOLAB Temperature, Humidity and CO2 Control

With adapters for chamber slides, slides, petri dishes and well plates.

Person in charge: José Artacho & Thierry Laroche

Book on SV-PPMS

Technical Specifications

Imaging: Confocal & Widefield
Inverted Leica DMi8
XY-Stage: Motorized
Illumination: Lumencor Sola SM II LED, Laser
Software: LAS-X


2 Hybrid Detectors (HyD) for fluorescence (range: 390nm to 790nm)
1 photomultiplier tube (PMT) for fluorescence (range: 390nm to 790nm)
1 transmission photomultiplier tube (PMT) for brightfield

CameraDFC 7000 GT (B/W)
Chip TechnologyCCD Grayscale
Sensor Format 1920 x 1440
Chip size8.8 mm x 6.6 mm
Dexel size4.54 um x 4.54 um
Dynamic Range8 – 12 bit


ObjectiveMag/NAMediumContrastWD (mm)
HC PL Fluotar5x/0.15airDIC POL13.7
HC PL Fluotar10x/0.30airDIC POL11.0
HC PL APO20x/0.75airDIC POL0.62
HC PL APO40x/1.25glycDIC POL0.14
HC PL APO63x/1.40oilDIC POL0.14

Laser Lines

WavelengthLaser Type
405 nmSolid state
488 nmSolid state
552 nmSolid state
638 nmSolid state


The links in the table below will send you to an FPbase configuration page.

DAPIBP 350/50400BP 460/5015525304
FITCBP 480/40505BP 527/3011525307
RHODBP 546/10560BP 585/4011525308
Y5BP 620/60660BP 700/75