Olympus Cell xCellence

Olympus Cell XCellence Microscope
Inverted widefield microscope for transmission and fluorescence live imaging boasting CCD and EMCCD cameras and full CO2/Temperature controls.

Olympus inverted microscope. Full CO2 and temperature control for live imaging. Fluorescence and Brightfield.

Person in charge: José Artacho

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Technical Specifications

Stand: Inverted Olympus IX81 motorized
XY-Stage: Motorized
Illumination: MT20 with 150W Xenon lamp
Software: CellSens


CamerasHamamatsu ORCA 03gAndor Ixon 3
Chip Technology CCD Grayscale EMCCD Grayscale
Sensor Format 1344 x 1024512 x 512
Chip size8.67mm x 6.60mm8.2 mm x 8.2 mm
Pixel size6.45 um x 6.45 um16.0 um x 16.0 um
Dynamic Range12-bit14-bit (max)
Optovar1.0x – 1.6x1.0x – 1.6x


ObjectiveMag/NAMediumContrastWD (mm)
LUC PL FLN20x/0.45airPH16.60 – 7.80
LUC PL FLN40x/0.60airPH23.0 – 4.2
UPLAN APO40x/1.0oilPH20.12
UPL S APO60x/1.2water0.28
UPL S APO60x/1.35oil0.15


The links in the table below will send you to an FPbase configuration page.
Note: The excitation/emission filters can be combined in any way, because they are in two separate motorized filterwheels.

DAPIBP 387/11410/504/582/669BP 440/30
FITCBP 485/20410/504/582/669BP 525/30
Cy3BP 560/25410/504/582/669BP 607/36
Cy5BP 650/13410/504/582/669BP 684/24
Fura 340BP 340/12400BP 525/30
Fura 380BP 380/14400BP 525/30

Filtercubes for Eyepiece

visDAPIBP 387/11410BP 440/30
visFITCBP 485/20504BP 525/30
visCy3BP 560/25582BP 607/36