Zeiss Ligthsheet Z1

Zeiss Ligthsheet Z1 Microscope
Dual sided selective plane illumination (SPIM) microscope. Foll temperature and CO2 control. Capable of imaging cleared samples as well.

Zeiss Lightsheet Z1 dual sided selective plane illumination microscope (SPIM). Can image live samples for long periods with full temperature and CO2 control. Includes chambers for imaging cleared samples.

Person in charge: Thierry Laroche, Olivier Burri

Book on SV-PPMS

Technical Specifications

Stand: Lateral mounted, Top-fed Zeiss Lightsheet Z1
XY-Stage: Motorized for XYZ and Rotation
Illumination: Laser
Software: ZEN Black


Cameras2x PCO Edge 5.5
Chip TechnologyCMOS Grayscale
Sensor Format 2560 x 2160
Chip size16.6 mm x 14.4 mm
Pixel size6.5 um x 6.5 um
Dynamic Range16-bit
C-mountInternal Zoom Optics


ObjectiveMag/NAMediumContrastWD (mm)
EC Plan Neofluar5x/0.16air18.50
W Plan Apochromat20x/1.0 corrwater1.80
W Plan Apochromat40x/1.0water2.50
W Plan Apochromat63x/1.0water1.80
EC Plan Neofluar20x/1.45 corrclearing5.60


WavelenghtsLaser Type
405 nmSolid state
488 nmSolid state
555 nmSolid state
639 nmSolid state

Filtercube Pairs

The filtercubes on the system work in wavelength pairs in order to perform dual camera acquisitions.

PositionCamera 1 WavelengthCamera 2 WavelengthDye Pairs
2BP 420-470BP 525-545DAPI-YFP
3BP 420-470BP 575-615DAPI-RFP
4BP 505-545BP 575-615GFP-RFP
5BP 505-545LP 585GFP-mCherry
6BP 505-545LP 660GFP-Draq5