Leica SP8 FLIM

Leica SP8 FLIM
Leica SP8 FLIM Inverted Microscope with Photon Counting Electronics for Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging.

Leica SP8 FLIM Microscope, with hybrid photon counting detectors (HyD). Capable of Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy (FLIM).

Boasts full temperature and CO2 Control and a pulsed supercontinuum tunable white light laser.

Person in charge: Nicolas Chiaruttini & Thierry Laroche

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Technical Specifications

Stand: Inverted DMI6000 motorized
XY-Stage: Motorized XY
Illumination: HXP-120 Metal Halide
Software: LEICA LAS-X

FLIM Module

Laser lines:

  • 440nm pulsed laser (40 MHz – 312.5 kHz )
  • Supercontinuum White Light Laser (80 MHz – 10 MHz + Manual)

FLIM Analysis Software:


Detector Type Amount
PMT x2
HyD x2
HyD SMD x1
Transmission PMT x1


Objective Mag/NA Medium Contrast WD (mm)
HC PL FLUOTAR 10x/0.30 air 11.00
HC FLUOTAR 25x/0.95 water 2.40
HC PL APO Corr 63x/1.20** water 0.30
HC PL APO 63x/1.30 glyc 0.30
HC PL APO 63x/1.40 oil 0.14

** Motorized correction ring and microfluidic dispenser.


Wavelengths Laser Type
405 nm Diode
440 nm Diode (Pulsed, Flim capable)
Supercontinuum laser Range: 470 – 670 nm (Pulsed, Flim capable)


The links in the table below will send you to an FPbase configuration page.

Name Excitation Dichroic Emission No
Blue BP 360/40 FT 400 LP 425 A
Green BP 470/40 FT 510 LP 515 I3
Red BP 540/40 FT 580 LP 590 N2.1
CFP/YFP 434/20 501/20 453 518 469/24 535/30