Zeiss PALM Microbeam

Zeiss PALM Microbeam Microscope
Suitable for laser microdissection and analysis for DNA, RNA and protein isolation — whether from archive material or live cells.

Location: AI-1110

Motorized UV microdissection microscope for isolating tissue sections for subsequent DNA/RNA/Protein analyses. Also used for micro-etching.

Person in charge: José Artacho

Book on SV-PPMS

Technical Specifications

Stand: Inverted Zeiss Axio Observer Z1
XY-Stage: Motorized
Illumination: Metal Halide Lamp
UV Laser for cutting: 355 nm
Software: PalmROBO


CamerasAxioCam ICc1AxioCam MRm
Chip TechnologyCCD ColorCCD Grayscale
Sensor Format 1392 x 10381388 x 1040
Chip size6.3 mm x 4.8 mm8.9 mm x 6.7 mm
Pixel size4.65 um x 4.65 um6.45 um x 6.45 um
Dynamic Range24-bit12-bit


ObjectiveMag/NAMediumContrastWD (mm)
Plan Neofluar 20x/0.50air
LD Plan Neofluar40x/0.60 corrair
LD Plan Neofluar40×0.75 corrairPH2
EC Plan Neofluar63×0.75 corrairPH2


Green adv470BP 530-560FS 44
Red adv540LP 600FS 45
GreenBP 450-490FT 510BP 515-565FS 10
RedBP 640/30FT 660BP 690/50FS 50
BlueBP 390/40FT 420BP 450/40FS 96 HS