Training at the BIOP

Current and future users of the BIOP have access to state of the art hardware and software to advance their research in microscopy and image analysis. Here are all the trainings currently available at the BIOP.

Available trainings at the BIOP

Image Analysis Software Training

Imaris, CellProfiler, QuPath, HRM, …

OMERO Training, OMERO Access

OMERO training and Student Access requests

Microscopy Training

To get access to the instruments of the BIOP, you must fill out our microscopy training form at the top of the page, as well as fill out a Camipro access request Form in order to gain access to the microscopy building and rooms

After validation by the BIOP and your group leader, a meeting with a BIOP staff member (usually Arne Seitz the head of the PT-BIOP) is obligatory in order to discuss the scientific needs in details. You will receive an email suggesting a date, usually one week after the form was filled out.

It is also possible to pass by in room AI 0 140 and make an appointment directly. Throughout the discussion, it will be defined which microscopes to use and whom you should contact for the training session.

In Summary:

    • Microscopy training Form
      • Camipro access form
    • Discussion
    • Training Appointment
    • Training

        Please stick to this workflow as it turned out to be very efficient for the potential users and the BIOP staff as well.

        Computers / Software Training

        We offer a multitude of different softwares, both commercial and Open Source. The BIOP has an open door policy regarding Image Analysis. You can either contact our Analysts or drop-by in AI 0 140 for a discussion.

        If you already know what you would like to be trained on, feel free to fill the form at the top of the page.