Data Management (OMERO)

What is OMERO?

OMERO is an image data management system designed to support the vast amount of imaging data and provides easy ways of storing, accessing, displaying and working with that data.

From the microscope to publication, OMERO handles all your images in a secure central repository. You can view, organize, analyze and share your data from anywhere you have internet access. You can work with your images from a desktop app (Windows, Mac or Linux), from the web or from 3rd party softwares. 

Using the power of Bio-Formats, OMERO can read more than 150 image file formats, including all major microscope proprietary file formats. In particular, data from High Content Screening, time lapse imaging and digital pathology are supported, among other complex multidimensional image formats.

Accessing and managing your data is possible with all common browsers using the OMERO.web interface.
Creating figures for your publications is easy and straightforward with OMERO.figure, a web app that can access your images and their associated metadata from the database. Annotate your figures with automatic scale bars and clever labels, like toggled fluorescent channels or displayed time point…


Access to the EPFL-OMERO installation provided by the BIOP is available for all EPFL scientists. This was made possible thanks to the Open Science Fund program.

Authentication with gaspar credentials has been fully incorporated to the EPFL-OMERO installation, providing a straightforward and easy account setup for all EPFL users. At first logon, your account is automatically assigned to an OMERO group corresponding to your default EPFL accreditation. Please contact the BIOP team (Rémy Dornier) to be assigned to another group.

OMERO training

The BIOP offers training for the OMERO software most Tuesdays at 13h00. Inscription is mandatory.

You can use the link on the Training at the BIOP page.

Student/unaffiliated access request form

Laboratories currently using OMERO that need to add unaffiliated users to their group need to get in touch with the BIOP through the same form on the Training at the BIOP page.


To get a training : Training at the BIOP

For any other questions : [email protected]