Welcome to the Histology Core Facility

The histology core facility ambitions to be a competence pole providing expertise in the analysis of phenotype at the tissue level.

The HCF offers competences and equipments in histology and performs routine work like sectioning of tissues or classical stains for researchers. It also assists in the setting up and optimizing of histological approaches specific for each scientific project, delivering protocols that can be tested either by the researchers themselves, the laboratory technicians or both. After training, users have free access to the equipments in the core facility like microtomes or cryostats. Furthermore HCF makes a large panel of titrated secondary antibodies available to the researchers.

For any questions, please write an email to:  [email protected]


Histology core facility fees

The HCF provided work is charged.
To request a work please fill the following form: Work request
Fees will be sent on demand, please write an email to: [email protected]


Samples Processing

Paraffin Processing

The tissue processor (Sakura VIP6) runs (Overnight routine) from Monday to Thursday at 5PM.
Samples should be in the fridge next to the AI0142 office before 5PM.

We do not accept samples in fixative but only in buffer or 70% Ethanol.
Please rinse tissues with PBS 1x and put them in cassettes.
Place the cassettes in a beaker glas filled with liquide. Name, group and number of cassettes should be written on it .

The cassettes will be available the next day in the paraffin dispenser for making the blocks. Each researcher has to do his own blocks. If you need help do not hesitate to ask a technician.

For shorter runs (small biopsy, LacZ…) please write an email to [email protected] to plan them.

Equipments access

All available equipments in AI2127 can be booked on the SV reservation website. A training is necessary before working with them. Please fill a Training request.