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Professor Michael Grätzel. Credit: ERC

Enabling the green transition with high-performing solar cells

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In the global effort to combat climate change, solar power can help cut emissions and provide an alternative to fossil fuels. ERC grantee Michael Grätzel is pioneering a new generation of photovoltaic solar technologies that are highly reliable and cost effective. The record-breaking performance of his solar cells has real-world applications within sustainable electronics.





Organized jointly by Professors Nicolai Cramer, Jieping Zhu and Jerome Waser, the seminars usually take place on Wednesday at 17:15. Unless indicated otherwise, the lecture takes place in BCH 2218.

The Physical Chemistry Seminar Series at ISIC is organized by Dr. MER Andreas Osterwalder.
Unless it is otherwise specified, the seminars take place on Thursday at 17.15 in BCH 2201.

The Chemical Engineering Seminar Series is Organized By Prof. Jeremy Luterbacher and takes place every other Friday at 16:15 in BCH 2201, unless otherwise indicated. It is followed by an Apéro at 17:30.

The seminar series “Highlights in Energy Research” is organized by Professor Queen from EPFL Valais Wallis and takes place every other Thursday at 16:00 – 17:00 in the Zeuzier room at the 4th floor at EPFL Valais in Sion. The seminars are available live on the link in the memento Some of them are filmed. You can find them here

The Chemical Biology Seminars Series is Organized by Prof. Christian Heinis, Prof. Beat Fierz and Prof. Yimon Aye. It takes place every Tuesday at 16:15 unless otherwise indicated.




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