Sample submission

Samples for non open-access experiments (academic, external clients please contact us directly in all cases) can be submitted in 2 different ways, depending on how you intend to use our facility’s services.

  1. Single crystal X-ray structure service (academic users): sample submission through ELN. Please bring sample and printed sample submission form to our lab. Please follow the guidelines found on the ELN webpage if you are not familiar with them.
  2. All other experiments: sample submission directly through staff. Just get in touch, come around with your sample for discussion or submission.


Sample transfer between EPFL sites:

If you need to transfer samples from one ISIC site to another you can hand them to us directly, or (Lausanne – Sion transfer) deposit them at ISIC’s NMR facility in a box outside office BCH 1538, appropriately packaged/sealed. Please label explicitly on the sample container whom the sample is intended for. Samples can be transferred at least once a week.