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ISIC Memento – Conferences and Thesis

2020 International Symposium on Chemical Biology


With: Prof. Laura Kiessling (MIT) (keynote speaker) and another 14 speakers
Category: Conferences – Seminars

Copper battery for heat to power conversion and energy storage


With: Sunny Isaïe MAYE
Place and room: I17-4K2, salle Tseuzier, EPFL Valais, Rue de l'Industrie 17, 1950 Sion
Category: Thesis defenses

What and why do we publish?


With: Interactive panel discussion with Gianfranco Pacchioni, Peter Gölitz (former editor-in-chief of Angewandte Chemie), Alain Borel (EPFL), Béatrice Marselli Fuerer (EPFL), moderated by Vassily Hatzimanikatis (EPFL).
Place and room: ART C0 120
Category: Conferences – Seminars

Low-coordinated metal catalysts design towards Carbon Dioxide Electroreduction


With: Wenjin Zhu
Place and room: BCH3118
Category: Conferences – Seminars

Target-based anti-infective discovery


With: Prof. Anna Hirsch. Helmholtz Institute for Pharmaceutical Research Saarland
Place and room: BCH 2201
Category: Conferences – Seminars

Metalloenzymes: The Biology-Chemistry Nexus for Catalysis


With: Dr. Johannes Rebelein Universität Basel
Place and room: BCH 2201
Category: Conferences – Seminars

Surface Structures, Interfacial Reactivity, and the Role of Hydrogen: Heterogeneous Catalysis from Molecular Perspectives


With: Dr. Murielle Delley Yale University
Place and room: BCH 2201
Category: Conferences – Seminars

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ISIC Seminars

Organized jointly by Professors Nicolai Cramer, Jieping Zhu and Jerome Waser, the seminars usually take place on Wednesday at 17:15. Unless indicated otherwise, the lecture takes place in BCH 2218.

The Physical Chemistry Seminar Series at ISIC is organized by Prof. Ulrich Lorenz
Unless it is otherwise specified, the seminars take place on Thursday at 17.15 in BCH 2201.

The Chemical Engineering Seminar Series is Organized By Prof. Jeremy Luterbacher and takes place every other Friday at 16:15 in BCH 2201, unless otherwise indicated. It is followed by an Apéro at 17:30.

The seminar series “Highlights in Energy Research” is organized by Professor Queen from EPFL Valais Wallis and takes place every other Thursday at 16:00 – 17:00 in the Zeuzier room at the 4th floor at EPFL Valais in Sion. The seminars are available live on the link in the memento Some of them are filmed. You can find them here

The Chemical Biology Seminars Series is Organized by Prof. Christian Heinis, Prof. Beat Fierz and Prof. Yimon Aye. It takes place every Tuesday at 16:15 unless otherwise indicated.


Newsletters Archives (2010-2015)

ISIC is a superb institute with a world-leading faculty and outstanding staff and students.

The past twelve months have been a period of considerable growth for ISIC, with seven new faculty members approved by the ETH board.

The last 12 months has been another exceptional period for ISIC. Like EPFL as a whole, we’re continuing to grow.

As always, we hope you enjoy reading this newsletter. Please visit our website for more detailed information and forthcoming events that might interest you.

During the 12 months since the publication of our first newsletter we have seen many positive changes in ISIC.

The chemical sciences are of vital importance in the modern world and the research undertaken in our Institute addresses many of the major challenges facing humanity.