SNBL is integrated as a service platform into the EPFL infrastructure.

As a consequence direct costs associated with SNBL beam-time are eligible for SNSF funding and EU funding (if that reappears).

Hence you may wish to integrate costs for SNBL beam-time in your projects as you would do for e.g. NMR, Electron microscopy, tomographic imaging, etc.

The total costs for SNBL is 2’392 Euro per shift of which direct costs can be charged to SNSF and EU projects.

For EPFL, ETHZ and Uni Geneva PI’s 2/3 of the costs will be taken over by your directorate

Given different bookkeeping rules for “direct costs” in Switzerland and Europe, the breakdown is as follows:

Switzerland     – U1 User fee direct costs 185 Euro/hour, 1’480 Euro/shift

Europe            – U2 User fee direct costs 203 Euro/hour, 1’624 Euro/shift