The section of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering is currently the largest chemistry school in Switzerland by the annual number of graduates. The section educates high level scientists and engineers in the domains of chemistry, chemical engineering and biotechnology. One Bachelor of Science with 180 credits and two Masters of Science – in molecular and biological chemistry; and in chemical engineering and biotechnology – are proposed. The holders of a Master degree or equivalent diploma can apply to the doctoral program of chemistry and chemical engineering for PhD studies.

The doctoral program in chemistry and chemical engineering provide an educational and research environment in chemical sciences and engineering. By applying to this program, you will have the opportunity to carry out PhD studies within our institute, where research spans fundamental studies in theoretical chemistry and biochemistry to applications in devices and engineering. We aim for top international level.

The technicians training laboratory provides education to laboratory assistant trainees in chemistry. Our mission aims at transferring professional knowledge and use of technologies specific to the occupation of chemistry laboratory assistant. The initial formation provided at the ISIC training laboratory is complemented by practical internships within research laboratories of our institute, to gain and develop competences and skills valuable to future career.