HELM Lothar, Hon. Prof. – Publications

Synthesis and MRI properties characterization of Gd3(Mes(DO3A)3): from spring-roll to pancake relaxivity

P. Miéville 


Water exchange studies of lanthanide complexes and aqua ions

S. Karimi / L. Helm (Dir.)  

Lausanne, EPFL, 2016. 

Neutron scattering from solutions

L. Helm 

1993.  p. 177-88.

Development and Understanding of Novel Compounds Designed as Potential MRI Contrast Agents

H. Jaccard / L. Helm (Dir.)  

Lausanne, EPFL, 2011. 

Highly efficient MRI contrast agents

L. Moriggi / L. Helm (Dir.)  

Lausanne, EPFL, 2008. 

High relaxivity MRI contrast agents for high magnetic field – challenges and pitfalls

L. Helm 

2014. 247th National Spring Meeting of the American-Chemical-Society (ACS), Dallas, TX, MAR 16-20, 2014.

The challenge of T1 contrast agents for high-magnetic field MRI

L. Helm 

Chimia. 2011. Vol. 65, num. 9, p. 696-698. DOI : 10.2533/chimia.2011.696.

Optimization of gadolinium-based MRI contrast agents for high magnetic‑field applications

L. Helm 

Future Med. Chem.. 2010. Vol. 2, num. 3, p. 385-396. DOI : 10.4155/FMC.09.174.

Ligand exchange and complex formation kinetics studied by NMR exemplified on fac-[(CO)3M(H2O)]+ (M = Mn, Tc, Re)

L. Helm 

Coordination Chemistry Reviews. 2008. Vol. 252, p. 2346-2361. DOI : 10.1016/j.ccr.2008.01.009.

Relaxivity in paramagnetic systems: Theory and mechanisms

L. Helm 

Progress in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy. 2006. Vol. 49, p. 45-64. DOI : 10.1016/j.pnmrs.2006.03.003.