Procedures and Resources

A. Procedures

Data access and account management

B. Resources

Please, if you use information coming from the following sites, be careful to correctly cite them in your references.

1. Solvent trace and chemical shift references

2. Web references

3. Online books (accessible with EPFL account)

high resolution
Magnetic resonance
Modern methods
Essential Practical NMR for Organic Chemistry High resolution NMR spectroscopy in organic chemistry
Tetrahedron Organic Chemistry Series

Magnetic Resonance Technology, Hardware and System Component Design

Modern Methods in Solid-state NMR: A Practitioner’s Guide

4. NMR books

200 and more
nmr toolkit
understanding nmr
200 and more NMR Experiments Nuclear Magnetic Resonance NMR: the toolkit Understanding NMR spectroscopy
comprendre la rmn
spin dynamics
solide state
Comprendre la RMN Spin dynamics Introduction to solid state NMR Spectroscopy  

C. MestreNova

logo mestrenova

This licenses are only destinated to ISIC (Chemistry) users. All other will be banned when detected on the license server.

All ISIC collaborators have access to a license site for MestreNova NMR, Mestre Nova predict and two add-ons : qNMR (for quantitation) and Reaction Monitor.

Install Mnova

Download the main software.

Download “Mestre License”

Download qNMR add-on

Download Reaction Monitor add-on

To install the add-ons, download them on your desktop, unzip them and drag the .xml file into the MestreNova open window.

MestreNova Verify

On specific request, ISIC users only can obtain a license for Mnova Verify.

More information about this software

A Mestre site treating of Automatic Structure Verification/Elucidation

A Mestre blog concerning their scoring procedure

D. Unlock Screen Saver

Under the new LDAP configuration (GASPAR login), the screen saver has to be set individually. In order to avoid to block the machine in case of absence, please configure the screen saver to not request password to unlock.This has to be done in the linux configuration as described hereafter:

On CentOS

  • Go to the “CENTOS” menu, then select “Control Center” –> “Appearance & Themes” –> “Screen Saver”
  •  In the “Screen Saver” window, uncheck the checkbox “Request Password to stop”

On RedHat

  • Go to the ” REDHAT Application” menu (upper left corner), then select “Preferences” –> “Screen Saver”
  • In the “Screen Saver” window, change “mode” to “Disable screen saver”.