Procedures and Resources

A. Procedures

Setup and data access

Liquid state NMR : Basic experiments

Liquid state NMR : Advanced experiments

B. Resources

Please, if you use information coming from the following sites, be careful to correctly cite them in your references.

1. Solvent trace and chemical shift references

2. Web references

3. Online books (accessible with EPFL account)

Essential Practical NMR for Organic Chemistry High resolution NMR spectroscopy in organic chemistry
Tetrahedron Organic Chemistry Series

Magnetic Resonance Technology, Hardware and System Component Design

Modern Methods in Solid-state NMR: A Practitioner’s Guide

.4. NMR books

200 and more NMR Experiments Nuclear Magnetic Resonance NMR: the toolkit Understanding NMR spectroscopy
Comprendre la RMN Spin dynamics Introduction to solid state NMR Spectroscopy